About Us

Dreier Stein is a leading law firm in South Australia specialising in banking and financial law. We have built an impressive track record of always getting the best legal outcome for our clients because our team is made up of experienced legal experts with a deep appreciation of the Australian Banking, Financial as well as Legal space.

To us, it makes perfect sense that the government would choose to keep the banking and financial industries very heavily regulated because this is meant to safeguard citizens’ hard earned money as well as ensure healthy competition in the finance industry. This heavy regulation is therefore a good thing and is the reason for our existence as banking and financial legal experts.

It’s therefore our duty to ensure that whether you are an individual or a corporate, we will guide you to navigate all these regulations to ensure that your financial affairs run as smoothly as possible.

We serve both large corporations as well as individuals therefore if you are looking for legal representation, we are your best bet and the best part is you won’t have to break your bank to enjoy our world class legal services.